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  • VARA EAST - Urgent Message

    Friday, 17 October 2014

    Please click on the link below to the view the latest update VARA EAST - URGENT MESSAGE

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  • NATIONAL NEWS -Secretary's Message

    Friday, 22 August 2014

        Please click on the link below to view the latest update    NATIONAL NEWS - Secretary's Message  

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  • NATIONAL NEWS - Malaysian Airlines MH17

    Wednesday, 23 July 2014

    Please click on the link below to view the recent update from the FAAA National Secretary to Malaysian Airlines  National News - FAAA National Secretary to Malaysian Airlines

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  •   Bust the Budget Petition   The FAAA is supporting the combined union’s push against the Federal budget. As you would know, the Federal government has handed down one of the most socially damaging budgets to be seen in recent times. The budget cuts vital services from those who need them most, moving Australia towards a state of class warfare in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We will not stand for these attacks on our way of life, Australia has been the lucky country for a long time, and we must fight to keep it that way, to do that we need to stand up and Bust the Budget. This budget is being pushed by a government bent on pushing an ideological position, one that cuts services and assistance to the lowest paid workers yet leaves benefits and tax loopholes in place to be exploited by those with the money to do so. So what can you do? Sign the petition below and send a message to this government that you will not stand for an unfair budget that punishes the workers of this country.   Click to sign the petition SYDNEY MEMBERS ONLY Any members who want to join the rally on 6 July     Written by Mark Lennon, Secretary Unions NSW Authorised by Jo-Ann Davidson, National Secretary     ONE UNION - ONE VOICE, FAAA National DivisionPromotes and Furthers the Interests of Members                    

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  • MESSAGE FROM THE SECRETARY A CASE OF DAVID Vs GOLIATH CONDUCT UNBECOMING   There has been some debate over the years about the value of being a member of the Flight Attendants’ Association of Australia as opposed to other unions. More recently, cabin crew are being tempted to join a bigger union because I’m told the perception is they are ‘tough’. While it is everyone’s choice whether you are a member of a union or not, it is critical that every cabin crew member has an understanding of the effect the decision you make has on not only you but the broader cabin crew community. The FAAA is known in the industry for its honesty, integrity and professional conduct. What is happening at the moment with our members and delegates being poached by the TWU can only be described as ‘conduct unbecoming’, especially as the two unions were ‘supposed friends’ and had an alliance. By way of background, it is on public record that the TWU, representing ground staff, refuellers, catering workers and freight workers in aviation believes the best union to look after cabin crew is the FAAA. In a joint statement in 2012 both National Secretaries stated ‘neither the TWU nor the FAAA are interested or have any intention of representing members outside their traditional areas of coverage.’ So why in 2014, has there been a change of heart?  Look back at what has happened in the last two years in the industry, in particular, the Qantas Group and you may see why. Whatever it is, I can assure you it is not because they believe they can do better than the FAAA. In fact, it more than likely has nothing to do with cabin crews’ interests. Why do I think that? - because they are not cabin crew. The FAAA has a 60 year history of specialising in and improving cabin crews’ conditions. We firmly believe in negotiating in good faith in the first instance but are always prepared to take industrial action in our members’ interests. In fact, talking about being ‘tough’: –The FAAA has taken more industrial action, and may I say successful industrial action, than any other aviation union.   I understand we all get disillusioned at times especially in this volatile environment where nothing stays the same. But cabin crew need to stick together and look after one another. Our successes have been because we have stayed together under the FAAA. That will obviously diminish if we are divided. You just might not see us in the media every day. We are more about negotiating and getting on with the business of looking after cabin crew – because that’s what we do best. In fact, the FAAA believes that ‘airing your dirty laundry’ in public and unions fighting internally about membership have only a negative impact for workers and the trade union movement in general. As a movement, we need to up our game in this regard, stop this internal squabble about membership and respect each other’s traditional areas of coverage and acknowledge of each other’s expertise. Nor would we ever be so presumptuous to comment on other union’s business - engineers for engineers, pilots for pilots, ground staff for ground staff, refuellers for refuellers, baggage handlers for baggage handlers – because that is their business - CABIN CREW IS OUR BUSINESS. So, if you are approached to join the other union, before you even consider, ask how much  experience they have in dealing with cabin crew issues. Be wary of Princes of Promises and don’t be persuaded by rhetoric and hyperbole and promises of things to come – you’ll be disappointed! The FAAA is proud of our past and is confident of the future as long as we stand united. Be assured knowing that the FAAA’s  SOLE agenda will only ever be the interests of cabin crew. We will never allow cabin crew to be exploited to advance the interests and agendas of other than cabin crew (which cannot be said of others). We are a union of cabin crew for cabin crew and the only union with a proud history and the industrial knowledge to represent crew   Written and Authorised by Jo-Ann Davidson, National Secretary ONE UNION - ONE VOICE, FAAA National Division Promotes and Furthers the Interests of Members      

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