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  • Cabin Crew Ratios

    cabin crew ratios

    We have a proud record of promoting and protecting the professional and industrial interests of cabin crew for over 55 years. Together, let’s continue to fight to make our workplace rewarding and safe.

    The Association has been campaigning for the protection of the Cabin Crew Ratio to remain at 1:36, and not change to 1:50 that airlines in Australia are pressing CASA for. So far we have had overwhelming support from Cabin Crew across Australia and all airlines, but we still need your support! The campaign has been recommended by a Parliamentary Committee but still needs to be heard in Parliament. Our members are updated regularly on all the latest news and details regarding this matter.

  • Workers Compensation Campaign

    skills accreditation

    In response to planned changes to Worker’s Compensation entitlements by the NSW government, the Association along with Unions NSW, promoted a campaign to stop these changes and secure better working conditions for all NSW employees.

    For further information please follow the links below.

  • Cabin Baggage


    One of the principal issues has been a lack of "Industry" concern around taking ownership of resolving this burgeoning problem. In recent years, it's clear that the airlines have been less interested in controlling cabin baggage and more concerned with using it as a marketing tool.

    The Flight Attendants' Association of Australia,(both Domestic/Regional and International Division) and the Australian Services Union (ASU) representing customer service/ground staff, are joining together in a collaborative approach to tackle the problem.


  • Cabin Air Quality


    The FAAA fully supports the ITF on their campaign for Cabin Air Quality. 

    Contaminated air inside the aircraft is a real concern for us all, as aviation workers and trade unionists

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